Charity auction of painting for Rusty the poisoned loyal guide dog

Charity auction of painting for Rusty the poisoned loyal guide dog were announced Tuesday in Eger.

Maja and Rusty on the painting
Maja and Rusty

Painted by the artist József Borics and offered 65 x 65 painting 11 November 2014, with the organizers released auctions, which can be bid until 15 December 2014. The Starting bid price: 150.000 HUF.

In fact, given the organizers opportunity, in order to support their initiative to four ways:

  1. You transfer the maximum amount and so you can be the owner of a painting by József Borics.

  2. Transfer to an account indicated any amount you like, to help the three foundations. (“two shelters” and Baráthegyi Hungarian Guide Dog School)

  3. Take the news of the initiative to get more people may know about it, the greater the chance of adding to collect donations.

  4. Even small steps, but help transform people’s approach towards animals.

The prospective owner of the painting on December 19 th, take in a public event at the artist, who is a recognized artist. The subject of the auction is actually a wonderful work, which has a maximum value of the subject, it can be associated with recognition and support will be provided to the prospective owner.

The details of the charity auction details in Hungarian are available at the following link: Jótékonysági árverés Rusty a vakvezető kutya emlékére
Unfortunately, because they are still not able to find Rusty’s killer, still is current our offer clue leadership prize.