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The Barathegyi Guide Dog  School is in mourning

Despite the best efforts of veterinarians, Rusty the guide dog could not be saved. Even the immediate emergency surgery did not help. The post mortem examination proved the cause of death to be poison, causing Rusty to suffer a horribly painful death.

This week started again very good: one of our new guide dog couples passed their traffic safety exam in Budapest. Dávid and Miksa the guide dog  completed the tests skilfully and with high precision. We would like to congratulate them on their fantastic achievement.

Dávid Körösmezey and Miksa the guide dog



A guide dog must be given to a variety of public health treatments and preventive purpose in regular screening. This system of regulation 27/2009. (XII.3.) Of the Ministry of Social Affairs to help train the dog, and the applicability of the rules of examinations included Minister for Labour and Social Affairs.