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Oktav is Zoli’s second guide dog. His previous guide dog retired earlier this summer, after long years of service and due to joint problems. Now the old dog lives happily as a family pet. Zoli really struggled throughout the two months period without a guide dog,

Our team once again provided a colorful spectacle at the Campona shopping centre, where we held our puppy meeting with the participation of 11 student dogs. This time we set ourselves the goal of devoting as much time as possible to some special tasks.

We did a few rounds at an animal feed store,

Piszke and Katalin completed their exam really well. They are a very well-matching couple.

Piszke participating in the traffic carefully and slowly, therefore we would not find a more competent assistant for Katalin Sándorné Török. This kind lady’s left hand is weaker, therefore Piszke’s fine manner suits her well.