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Baráthegyi Guide Dog School is judging a photo competition about guide dogs. The competition is a great opportunity not only for photographers but also for drawing artists, painters, and AI- artists to introduce themselves. The competition is not only about the technical details of making the pictures but also about showing the life and work of guide dogs from an artistic point of view.

Rizling is Vida Zoltán’s third guide dog. They have a very special relationship and it is not only because he helps him in his everyday life.

Zoli told us about the release of his first guide dog and about how he met the other two dogs.

She loves the city as much as the farm, and Aszú makes her life more beautiful. We talked to Kinga Németh, who lives near Szeged.

Kinga Németh has been living with the two-year-old yellow male, Aszú, for 2 months. A lot of things have changed in her life recently,