Calgary Presented us Nine Puppies

Another litter was born on 30 th April at our School for Guide Dogs. Since then, the puppies’ eyes and ears have started to open and they move more and more. There is a huge interest in them and it is not only because they are cute but because
they are, whom many visually impaired people dream about. Mónika Marton, the puppy raiser of our Foundation talks about them.

Calgary gave birth to nine Labrador puppies on 30 th April. Four males and five females were born. Beside the three yellow and one black male, two yellow and three black females saw the light of day. As in case of earlier litters, so these puppies were born safely and healthy with the professional care of our colleagues of the Foundation.

These nine puppies are the dream of many visually impaired people – Calgary’s puppies became two weeks old

Calgary’s puppies are opening their eyes and ears, and they move more and more. There is a great interest in the puppies and it is not only because they are sweet but because they are in the dream of many visually impaired people.

“The puppies are very well, they improve nicely. They spend their whole day with eating and sleeping. Their eyes and ears just opening, but they are not yet able to see and hear, they can only sense lights. Calgary is a caring mother, she takes good care of them, thanks to this, everyone is healthy and growing well” – said Mónika Marton the puppy raiser of the Baráthegyi School for Guide Dogs.

Due to the great interest, we are going to continuously report on the development of the little ones, as many are waiting for a guide dog in Hungary. There is continuous over- application at our Foundation, in average, there are 50 visually impaired persons on our
waiting list. Year after year, we report that even more guide dogs are needed. Each year 15 loyal mates are trained, we do not have the chance for more, as the lifetime cost of a guided dog is more than 5 million forints. At this stage, there are 12 dogs in training, and if everything goes according to plan, there will be thirty puppies born this year, who become guide dogs in the near future.

She is going to be a therapy dog

This litter is the last one for Calgary, according to our regulations, after the fourth litter, there will be no more, for the sake of maintaining good health condition of the mother dog. Naturally Calgary is going to stay as a family member of Mónika Marton’s family.

There is still life ahead for the six-year-old Calgary. The mother dog spent this last year with learning, thanks to this, she completed a therapy dog exam. She is going to help a lot e.g.: beside a speech and language therapist, during movement therapy, in nursery,
kindergarten, in elderly’s people home and in development centres. She started her therapeutic work with her owner Mónika, both of them are looking forward to the continuation with great enthusiasm. “Calgary is going to give lot of happiness to the children and adults who want love. She was always a caring mother, so she is going to have a nice future in her next mission.” – said Mónika Marton.