Brigi and Artúr have sucessfully passed the exam

From this day forth Artúr the black Labrador is officially a guide dog, having sucessfully passed the road safety test with his owner, Brigi Hegedűs. Thanks are due to Marika Szűcs for raising such a good dog for us, and to Lajos Cserven for training him.

Not long after his first birthday, Artúr packed his bag and travelled to Miskolc to learn everything necessary to be a good companion for a visually impared person.

Arthur has matured to understand his role

“When he arrived in December he was an extremely energetic emotional teenager, but I soon came to realize that he loves to work, and that his intelligence is above average”, said our trainer, Lajos Cserven.

The biggest challenge was to get Artúr to slow down, to move at a more comfortable pace, therefore guideing his owner at a safe speed.

“Finally we solved this with a little compromise, the perfect solution turned out to be matching him with Brigi Hegedűs, a confident young energetic woman who handled Artúr extremely well from the first moment”, commented Lajos Cserven.

Brigi and Artúr bonded as a team, and after two months of training together passed the test with no mistakes.

We thank our volunteer Marika Szűcs for raising Artúr, before him Ikon and for now looking after our little Óda.