Brendon and Bonca in Vác

Our small team visited the Agricultural Vocational School in Vác. The students listened attentively to our mini presentation of guide dogs. Several of them tried out with Brendon, a guide dog-in-training, what if a dog watches over their steps. Many fell under the spell of the experience and said that it was scary but also wonderful.

In the picture Brendon, a black Labrador, is guiding a girl. Brendon’s leash is held by his trainer.
Brendon is guiding an enthusiastic student.

Our team was strengthened by our volunteer, Csaba, who came with his guide dog, Bonca. The students asked a lot of questions from Csaba, who enthusiastically responded to them and explained with “funny” and bittersweet stories how you can live and get on in today’s world. His glamorous chocolate brown Labrador, Bonca, charmed everyone.

In the picture Csaba is standing, Bonca is lying in front of him in guide dog harness. Two schoolgirls are standing in front of them and another one is squatting beside Bonca.
Csaba is talking.

We would like to thank all concerned for the invitation and the students for their enthusiastic participation.