Born to be a rescue dog

Trafi is a recognized rescue dog, he saved lives with his owner at the site of the earthquake in Turkey. Our dog is at full strength, but it’s time to take care of supplies so that the rookie can learn from him. Fortunately, a young talent appeared who seemed to have been born to be a rescue dog. We trust that Akkord will follow the hero Trafi on the track, and we will also be able to thank her for saving lives.

Puppies born in the own kennel of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School will become guide dogs – this is our main goal, but some dogs show themselves to be especially talented in other ways. Such is the case with Akkord.

Her puppy trainer, Győző Szakál took care of her a lot, Akkord followed him like a shadow in difficult situations and happy moments. “She was different from the others” – said her other puppy raiser, Győzőné Imre Szakál, and then added: “We fought hard battles together, a veterinarian once told us that this dog would not become a guide dog. Of course, we didn’t believe him then.”

Until now, Akkord had lived in Budapest, she arrived in Miskolc to be trained there a few weeks ago. The president of our foundation observed and tested whether she was suitable to help a visually impaired person. “She won’t be a guide dog, but she can become an inquisitive, motivated, and disciplined personality, an extraordinary rescue dog” – said Dr. Tamás Mezősi.

They get freshness and fun every day

She fit into our well-accustomed team almost from one moment to the next. Even in such a short time, we have grown together a lot, I would miss her a lot if she wasn’t with us” – said Tamás. Her puppy raiser added: “Akkord can do what she likes. It’s a pleasure to see how well they cooperate and love each other with Tamas. I’m proud of her!”

She wants to be a „pentathlete”

Tamás told us that Akkord’s future path will be the same as Trafi’s, Akkord will become a rescue dog, and soon she will also begin her studies as a therapy and demonstrator guide dog.

“She is very persistent. If she finds a task too difficult, she is visibly preoccupied with it. Sometimes even after practice she goes back and tries again” – said Tamás.

She is already effective after a few weeks of training

Akkord completed the screening phase of the Area Search, Aptitude Test for rescue dogs. She has already started practicing the search in the ruins and confidently indicates the people hiding among the ruins during the practice.

Not everyone has such a helper

“Most of the time, my 9-year-old son assumes the role of a lost child in the forest. He usually climbs a tree and hides. Akkord’s task is to find him, which of course she enthusiastically does” – said Tamás.

Dr. Tamás Mezősi with his dog Trafi is a recognized member of the country’s rescue dog community. We trust that Akkord will follow Trafi – which did well at the site of the earthquake in Turkey-, on the track, and we will also be able to thank her for saving lives.