Bodza, the student guide dog as a special education assistant

We visited special education assistants at Art Deco Vocational School in Miskolc with Bodza, the student guide dog. Firstly, we talked about who the visually impaired are, in what and how we can help for them in everyday life. The students could become acquainted with Braille writing with the help of our visually impaired colleague, Zoltán. He talked willingly about how he lived his life as a blind person, and how he solved the difficulties and tasks which he met every day. Of course, everybody could try out how it felt to walk with a guide dog with our trainer, Katica and our student guide dog, Bodza. Everybody did a very well job. Herewith we would like to wish them success for their noble future profession.

On the picture we can see a visually impaired man. There is a Braille-typewriter and he is typing on it. There are a lot of students before the table.
Braille writing
On the picture, Bodza, the yellow Labrador in harness, is leading a girl student whose eyes are covered. On the other side of Bodza, the trainer of the dog can be seen.
Bodza and a brave student