Birthday with Guide Dogs

We could participate in the 12th birthday party of Premier Outlet. This time we brought a mobile obstacle course with us, where everyone could try out with the help of two dogs-in-training, Felhő and Brendon, what it feels like walking blindfolded when a guide dog watches over your steps.

In the picture a woman is guided by Felhő, a black Labrador, in the obstacle course. Felhő’s leash is held by her attendant.
The obstacle course!

Hack, the four-month old puppy also accompanied us with her puppy raisers and greatly welcomed her many enthusiastic fans. During the day, she received lots of cuddling and appreciation that despite her young age how skillfully she tolerates the great bustle. In addition, certainly, Braille writing and the scent recognition game could not be left out of our programs either.

In the picture two little girls are sitting at a table looking at a paper in which something is written in Braille. There are also fridge magnets and spice racks on the table.
I wonder what is written here in Braille.

It was heartwarming to see a lovely woman who has been supporting the work of our foundation for years and now attended the event and we have been able to meet her in person for the first time. She also boldly started off the obstacle course with Felhő, and rewarded our dogs with tasty treats afterwards.
The whole day was spent in great spirits and many people were interested in guide dogs. We would like to thank Thomas Breitling for the invitation.

In the picture Sandor Sasvar is sitting and patting Felhő, a black Labrador, whose leash is held by her trainer.
Sándor Sasvári and Felhő