Being at Sensitizing Activity as Volunteer

Dora took part in our school’s Sensitizing Activity at first time in these days. She wrote about her first occasion:

„We arrived at Baráthegyi Guide Dog School as beginner volunteers. Here we learnt about the types and degrees of vision problems from a presentation. In situation practice we tried the assistance in traffic and orientation. The School’s blind workmate showed us the Braille-writing and the use of writing machine. We could see how computer works unhinderedly. To my suprise its users have no problems with reading, furthermore they don’t meet with difficulties when they send an email. Later we tried the leading by guide dog with covered eyes in outside. I have walked like this before, but that was the first time in outside. Now I gained new experiences also.

In the picture a covered eye woman stands on the top of small flight of stairs who catches the black guide dog's harness. On other side of the guide dog stands his trainer.
We are walking with Diamond in the street

I think that human and animal can help each other mutually. If we, people treat them properly and with love, they could be irreplaceable and useful for us. Naturally their training needs a lot of energy, persistence, vocation but it happens for a really noble goal.

I had the pleasure to sensitizing activity twice at primary school. The experts of Baráthegy accepted both of invitations. We got an insight into a world, whose knowledge must be the part of the general human culture, tolerance and not in the last place the rising of empathy. I hope they will visit us in the future too, to make more student to have a good attitude to the acceptance of sight –impared people.”