Bebe and Barbara support each other in every way

The story of Barbara Jovány and Bebe is a heart-warming one. Bebe arrived at our association as a stray yet she became a guide dog, while Barbi is a disadvantaged person who has struggled with the effects of a brain tumor since very young. The couple just passed the road safety exam in September.

Our trainer Darinka Farkas feels a strong affection for Barbi and Bebe:

“Barbi and Bebe are one of my favorite couples. Bebe came to the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School as a stray, a very nice, kind and cheerful little dog. And Barbi is a cumulatively disadvantaged blind girl, who has struggled with the effects of a brain tumor since she was very young and then at the age of 6 also lost her mother, ” comments our trainer.

Barbi currently continues to live with the complications of her brain tumor and chemotherapy, her hearing is hypersensitive, she suffers from epilepsy and has a shunt in her head, but despite all of this she carries on with everyday life. Her experimental medications keep her condition at bay, and luckily her seizures are now few and far between.

“Barbi lives alone in Dunaújváros, and while lots of people love and support her unfortunately only her brother remains from her family. Bebe means everything to her, their loving relationship is so touching for me to see and everything about them is too sweet for words. I am terribly proud that despite their many difficulties, they still managed a great result in the exam. Their success makes me feel that my job is so worthwhile, ”says Darinka Farkas.