As Milka’s new owner, Szindi doesn’t need others’ help anymore

Szindi asked our foundation for a guide dog in order to travel independently, and to no longer need the help of others. The young owner and the slightly temperamental puppy passed their road safety exam nicely. Congratulations to Szindi and Milka!

Szindi, the happy owner and Emese preparing the couple

Szindi and Milka completed the exam route in Miskolc with youthful vigor and the confidence they were accustomed to. The multiple transfers and the crowded downtown were not a problem for them either, they got to the stops safely with the help of Milka. “They form a familiar and close pair, I am happy that they proved this today in the traffic safety exam in front of the examination committee” – said our trainer, Királyné Emese Barkóczi.

“I asked the foundation for a guide dog so I could travel on my own, and to not need the help of others. I am so glad that Milka became my puppy because she is very kind, cuddly, helps a lot with everything, like when she looks for a place on the bus for me, and it is easier to cross at the zebra with her, and also I really like her name, ”said Szindi Horváth.

Szindi and Milka practicing for the exam

Milka is a nice, yet temperamental puppy, so Királyné Emese Barkóczi wanted to choose an as active, young owner. “My intuitions were good, Szindi and Milka chose each other relatively quickly, and as they practiced, a harmony developed between them that we could already build on,” our trainer said.

We thank Milka’s puppy raiser Petra Palágyi for her help in training such a great dog for Szindi.