Artúr and the Others: What Did They Learn?

Our November Puppy Meeting starred Nátán, a 10-week old who paraded like a Teddy bear among the more experienced trainee guide dogs, already a keen learner at such a tender age, always listening to his pup trainer. Having celebrated their birthday, Alma, Alfréd and Artúr showed what they had learnt at a mini-exam. All three dogs performed very well.

Nátán, the star of the November Puppy Meeting
Nátán, the star of the November Puppy Meeting

Luckily the weather was kind to us again. Just like at our October Puppy Meeting, the rain spared us as we invaded the Térényi Plateau with our dogs. The meeting started with free play, eagerly participated by 10-week-old Nátán, too. Of course, he was everybody’s heartthrob, as each participant wanted to pet and hug him – and the little boy did not mind it at all.

Before the training, Litter A that is one-year old Alma, Afra and Artúr gave account of their knowledge. Pup Trainer Coordinator Hermina Nyíri had various tasks for the three black labs and their pup trainers. All these tasks will have a relevance during their guide dog training later on. The most interesting challenge of all was probably the task when the blindfolded trainers had to put a harness on their pups. Artúr and the others successfully obeyed the “stay” and “come” commands, even under circumstances intentionally made difficult for them. Well done, everybody!

After the exam, the training commenced. Mária Nyíriné Kovács and Hermina Nyíri presented the pup trainers and their pupils with several exciting tasks. They practiced the stay command in various situations, trying to maintain the attention of the pups regardless of the external circumstances:

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