Appointing a Student Headmaster with Guide Dogs

We are always warmly welcomed by the students of Fráter György Catholic High School.

It was not the first time that we took part in the election of a student headmaster in the school in Miskolc. The students could take part in various funny programs and we were happy to see that many were interested in guide dogs as well. Many students of various ages tried out with the help of our demonstration dogs, Diamond and Bóbita what it feels like when their steps are watched over by a four-legged friend. Many said that it had been an exciting experience. Some said it had been frightening, while others thought that it had been strange but interesting to be led by a dog.

In the picture a girl already blindfolded is holding the harness of Bóbita, a black Labrador. Bóbita is sitting next to the girl.
Bóbita is ready to go

Besides the dogs there was also Braille demonstration, and everyone could try to read their own names written in this strange, bulging and palpable writing.

We could spend a very happy morning together. Thanksfor the invitation!