Another Team Have Found Each Other

Gábor Halmai has been visually impaired all his life; he learnt to walk with a white cane in the Primary School for the Blind. Though he acquired all the techniques of the white cane, he did not feel completely safe while walking and travelling alone in the street. After he had got to know his girlfriend and their daughter was, he felt that it could not go on like this: he decided to request a guide dog from our foundation. Finally, after a long waiting, he could get acquainted with the first guide dog in his life, Gina. Since then Gábor and the chraming and vital Labrador who is always ready for work have been inseparable. Meanwhile, the young man got a new job, and while he is learning the route to his new workplace, they are practicing a lot for their traffic safety exam as well. They have a long way to go, but Gábor already feels much more self-reliant and confident while walking and travelling with his four-legged companion.

In the picture a young man is kneeling on the grass and his guide dog, a yellow Labrador is standing beside him in harness. The man is embracing the dog.
Gábor and Gina