Another Successful Traffic Safety Exam

Last week we kept our fingers crossed for another team: Csaba Tanai and his guide dog Bonca had their traffic safety exam on Friday in Budapest. The fascinating chocolate brown Labrador guided her owner with her usual routine in one of the capital’s busiest district. In the lively bustle of the big city they just as professionally by-passed the parking cars as the people walking or rushing around them. Not only could they cope with the situations in the street. but also completed the required tasks successfully in a shopping mall. Csaba and Bonca demonstrated in front of a three-member examining board that they can walk and travel independently and safely together. Congratulations to their successful traffic safety exam!

In the picture the owner of a chocolate brown Labrador, who is wearing a harness, is squatting beside the dog and hugging her with his left arm.
Csaba and Bonca