Another Successful Traffic Safety Exam

We could start July with a fantastic traffic safety exam. Szabolcs Kurucsai and his guide dog, Elvis, presented their skills in Szeged in front of a three-member examining board. On the basis of Szabolcs’s draw, the exam rout started from the home of Szablocs and Elvis and ended at Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Csongrád County and back.

In the picture there is a middle-aged man squatting and is just giving treats to his black Labrador in harness.
Szabolcs Kurucsai and Elvis

Despite the sweltering hea,t there was a huge crowd in the streets, but it should not constitute an obstacle to a professional guide dog. Elvis confidently by-passed the people and of course the two oncoming dogs could not disturb him either. After maneuvering in the streets, they carried out getting on and off a trolley, as if they had always done this. And then an amazing thing happened. The team had almost reached the Association, when suddenly a motorist drove in front of them on the sidewalk from a house from the left. Elvis did not lose his composure: he stopped suddenly, got round in front of his owner and protected him with his body. Then they arrived to their destination safe and sound and then went home. After passing the exam, everyone congratulated the team on their excellent performance.