Another Successful Exam in October

Each guide dog exam is special in a different way. We will also long remember the exam of Barna Kiss and Locum on October 27, this time mainly due to the excellent performance of the dog member of the team.

Their exam route started from the platform of a train station and it brought dramatic excitement from the start, because Barna misunderstood the examiners’ instructions about which direction to search for the underpass and he stepped straight towards the edge of the platform.

The examiners were watching the developments with bated breath and ready to pounce and catch Barna to save him from falling into the rails, but their intervention would have meant the end of the exam as well. Fortunately, there was no need for such an intervention, because Locum, the beautiful, strong, yellow Labrador used his strength and stood in front of his owner and jostled him away from the danger. Barna found out only after the exam how much danger he was saved from by his dog!

The next hour was not free from excitement either, because Barna and Katica, the trainer of Locum put together a really demanding and difficult exam route. Tram, pedestrians only street, intersections with and without traffic light, stores and travelling by bus is a short summary of the exam. Man and his dog perfectly complemented each other. Where the man made a mistake, the dog corrected it. The board of examiners stated with sincere appreciation that the team is “capable of independent travel”.

In the picture a yellow Labrador in harness is standing on a raised platform beside a man.
Kiss Barna and Locum