Another Successful Exam

We closed May with a successful traffic safety exam.  Dr. Bérczi Antalné and her guide dog Tesla had to demonstrate before an examining board how they spend their everyday lives in the heart of Kaposvár. Tesla found the examining board terribly likeable, puzzling a bit her owner, who tried to steer her in the opposite direction. Then she controlled herself and they started out towards their destination at their usual easy pace. The team walked along the main street of Kaposvár, and then they demonstrated in what a civilized manner a well-behaved guide dog behaves in a store. Tesla perfectly executed staying in one spot despite people passing by eating ice-cream and other snacks. Further along, after crossing several difficult intersections, they got to the bus stop from where the bus to the dog run had just pulled in. Travelling by bus was exemplary and crossing the busy four-lane road did not cause a problem either. In the dog run, the team demonstrated the compulsory obedience tasks. Congratulations to the team for the successful exam!

In the picture there is an elderly lady squatting with her guide dog, a Golden Retriever, lying beside her.
Dr. Bérczi Antalné and Tesla