Ani and her Guide Dog, Felhő Passed the Exam

For Ani and her loyal four-legged friend, Felhő, the long-awaited day came in May: the day of their traffic safety exam. The team had been practicing for the exam for months with the help of rehabilitation teacher Gyöngyvér Mikola,  and Felhő’s trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács.

In the picture Ani is embracing Felhő,  a black Labrador]
Ani and Felhő

On the exam Ani pulled the route from her workplace to her home from the three possible routes. The team solved the problem of navigating in the hustle of Budapest with their usual routine. In addition to professionally by-passing other pedestrians and crossed multi-lane intersections, they even had to cope with a special thing: escalators.

They can get to Ani’s workplace by metro, so Felhő had to learn how to use it, which he managed to learn profrssionalyy, which he demonstrated to the exam committee without fault. Of course, to keep his paws safe, Felhő needs special shoes on the escalator.

The team successfully passed the traffic safety exam on which we would like to congratulate them!

The website Nők Lapja Café also published an article about Ani and Felhő’s wonderful result: