An Excursion in Miskolc

We had an enjoyable time on our anniversary excursion in Miskolc. We were happy that many of our friends, their guide dogs and volunteers joined us to explore the Bükk Mountains together.

In the picture there are people walking side by side and behind each other. There are two dogs running in the front.
The team has set off.

Our volunteers and visually impaired friends divided into pairs and we walked to our destination, Kecskelyuk (Goat Hole) cave chatting and laufhing. The dogs weren’t bored either during the trip: they were playing and larking a lot.

In the picture a couple of Labradors are playing in the woods in a creek.

At Kecskelyuk cave everyone gathered their courage to enter the cave, either with a guide dog or a volunteer, which was a great experience. We were pleasantly tired and happy on our way back to the starting point, Majális Park. Thanks to everyone who joined us.