Alexa and her guide dog, Fahéj took a successful exam

After Friday’s prom, the weekend passed in great excitement for Alexa and Fahéj. They wanted to bring out their best of themselves in Monday’s traffic safety exam. They have practiced independent walk and transport for months because the high school graduate  girl has big plans with her faithful four-legged companion. After gradutaion she would like to continue her studies in Pécs, where she’ll have to solve everyday situations in a strange new city by herself, without the assistance of sighted people. We all wish them good luck!

 In the picture there is a girl standing in front of a lake and holding the leash of her guide dog, a yellow Labrador.
Alexa and Fahéj

This is what Fahéj is saying about the exam in his own blog:

„Here’s agent  077 – the number on my tag – reporting that the mission is successfully and fully accomplished!

We have passed the exam! 🙂

Marcsi arrived at 8 am, I had relaxed until then. Then we went on our long morning walk and we could even play a little bit with the ball. When we came back, there was a great hustle and slowly everyone arrived.

After Owner had pulled the route, we quickly set off to reach the bus, which we managed in the best way: as we got to the stop, the bus came.

There were so many people that we didn’t sit down. It is true that we only traveled two stops, so it wasn’t that important.

After taking off there were a couple of crossings and we arrived at the house of Owner’s grandparent’s. Then I had to stay in one spot, 🙂  which I did very well, then we only had to come back and finally the a obedience part of the exam went also very well.

When we finished, I got a very big compressed cow bone,  with which I immediately went to lay down at my place.  Believe me, the bone was very delicious! Owner said she was very proud of me and she thoroughly hugged me that I was such a good boy.

I couldn’t help frisking my tail and blowing enough kisses. We’re very glad that we passed the exam!

Again, through Owner, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to my success in this noble profession,  my wonderful volunteer raisers whom I love very much and I hope we can meet again.

I have learned so much with you and of course I had a fantastic well as my trainer with whom  I also learned a lot, and of course all my other friend, too 🙂 .”