Alexa and her guide dog, Fahéj

Our new team, Alexa and Fahéj have just recently met one another. Alexa, who is from Dombovar, lives a very active life: she likes playing the violin, riding and running, she is like a true perpetual-motion machine. Fahéj, who grew up in a loving environment rich in experiences in her volunteer puppy raising family, is Alexa’s first guide dog. The two young students have started their mutual learning with great enthusiasm.

In the picture there is a young girl standing at the top of the stairs with her yellow Labrador guide dog.
Alexa Vértesi and Fahéj

Alexa has thrown herself into learning with Fahéj with great fervor and attention and Fahéj has also worked with at least such vigor and dedication from day one. Alexa perceives very well Fahéj’s signals and follows her, who watches her owner’s every movement. They can already work together in harmony, paying attention to each other. They have still a lot to learn until the great common challenge, the traffic safety exam, but they are on the right track. The most important thing is that they are very happy together.

We would like to thank Fahéj’s raisers, Sándor Mihaji and Andrea Nagy that with devoted work they now have raised the third puppy for our foundation helping us a lot to give guide dogs for even more visually impaired people.