Adventures at the Youth Days of Szeged

The president of Árboc Association, Szabolcs Kurucsai walks and travels with the help of a guide dog trained by our foundation. Elvis provides him with total self-reliance and confidence, so they are proud and happy to represent our foundation on various events.

He talks about his experiences at the Youth Days of Szeged:

“One of the most amazing visual element of the Youth Days of Szeged 2015 was a renewed Trabant of Árboc Association. The bulk of the work was done by the visually-impaired president of the association. As you can see in the picture, Elvis, the guide dog also tested the car.

In the picture a young man is sitting in a colourful car, embracing his black Labrador.
Szabolcs and Elvis

The association has long been cooperating with Baráthegyi Guide Dog School, which they represent proudly at the Youth Days of Szeged as well. The participants of the festival were standing in line to pet the dogs and they asked a lot of questions about guide dogs. The more adventurous ones could try out several games blindfolded. One of the most popular games was called “Mission Impossible”, where the brave ones could imitate to be a secret agent. The more athletic visitors could ride a tandem bike with a visually-impaired volunteer.”