Adventure Tour and Picnic with Guide Dogs

The training of the guide dogs is realised by the care of many people, and beside this common goal, friendship also connects us. Our Foundation organised a tour to the Bükk, for our clients using guide dogs for travelling, our puppy raisers and family members.

We went to the final station, Garadna, by the narrow-gauge railway of Lillafüred. We had the opportunity to talk to each other during the one-hour ride. Many met for the first time, but it was easy to find topics as we are connected by our common interest.

Following the yellow tour-signs, an adventurous wood road was in front of us. The storm before, had knocked down many trees which created a challenging tour for us. We went along the path such way that each visually impaired person was accompanied by a sighted person, because the guide dogs were given a day off and were allowed to run around us without their harness.

“We again woke up on a day when we, people living with visual impairment travelling with guide dogs, gathered and went to a great picnic. For me, even getting to the place was enjoyable as well, as after the railway ride, the wood road was full of obstacles by fallen trees. Climbing them over, came up to an adventure park tour. However, even this could not stop the team, as the sighted people could navigate us. Meanwhile we were getting over the fallen trees, and the muddy road laced by rocks, our dogs were happily running around us.” – said Dóra Pozsgay, Noé’s owner.

Some helps as well, when even has a day off work

Rizling’s owner, Zoltán Vida also liked the path, covered with fallen trees, he was very proud of his guide dog:

“Rizling stood beside me and were waiting until I stepped over the trunk of the tree. He did not have his harness on, in a word, even, he did not work, but he wanted to take care of me. Of course, I fondled him a lot. The truth is, that I easily could step over the trees, but it was a good feeling that he was continuously beside me”

We were hiking in a quiet and peaceful environment, and by the end, we needed to recollect our energy to get over a steep section. Finally, we arrived to a spring, where we settled for a picnic. We offered each other our cakes, cookies we made at home, and we were chatting a lot. “One of our new volunteers just started to get to know more about our Foundation. She was also interested in how we can orientate and make decision before crossing the road. I had a good discussion with her about it. We say that, if you have a guide dog and a navigation you can get everywhere. I think it worth dealing with this issue to a greater extend because the sighted people are interested in it.” – said Zoltán.

Some of the dogs had changed hair colour after abundant wallow in the mud

After some rest and chatting, there were some of us who had chosen to go back on the slightly steeper wood-road, the others went on the concrete road. The latter people’s dogs had a good “bath”. “I enjoyed it very well, as I not only got new friends but I met my old friends as well, whom we revived memories about our lives with dogs. Besides, Noe got exhausted of running, so much that I had to convince him to set himself for getting off the train when we went home.” – said Dóra.

Nothing is more important, than belonging to a nice and solidary community

“I am fond of people living with visual impairment, I like them a lot, I respect that they find good things even in difficulties. They did not see the difficulties in the fallen trees on the road, but they found the challenge of strength. When we went home, some of the dogs bathed in the Garadna, and the visually impaired owners didn’t have a problem with returning home with a black Labi instead of the yellow one.” said István Mariscsák, one of our volunteer puppy raisers. Thanks to the staff and the volunteers of our Foundation for helping to organise and realize this tour. We are going to continue it this September in Budapest, where we again have a picnic with our clients living with visual impairment.