Ádám and his Guide Dog Bözsi

Ádám Móricz and his guide dog Bözsi are making their first steps together this week. Bözsi is Ádám’s first guide dog, so they started their joint training with great excitement. Paying great attention and disciplined, they have flanged themselves into completing the tasks since day one. With the help of a rehabilitation teacher, they learn and practice a lot to be able to walk and travel with confidence and safely together in the future. Of course, this is just the beginning, because they have a very long way to their traffic safety exam, but they have already been very skillful.

In the picture a young man has just reached the top of a flight of stairs with his yellow guide dog in harness. He is holding a white cane in the right hand.
Ádám Móricz and Bözsi

Despite the heat they have tackled with an incredibly long staircase and what is more, Bözsi has proved both in a store and a pizzeria that she is able to resist some tasty dainties when work is involved. Today they go home to Debrecen happily and full of experiences, but they will return soon to become a professional team.