A Special Day

Máté and his guide dog, Fülöp, hosted us in his school. We visited them one day after the International Guide Dogs Day in Dunaújváros. The young and old of the school could experience through playful tasks how everyday tasks can be solved as visually impaired and in how many things a guide dog can help.

In the picture people are sitting around a table: some are playing, some are watching the game. A couple of guide dogs are lying at the foot of and under the table (black and yellow Labradors).
During a game

This is what Fülöp wrote about this day in his diary:

“….Máté put my occupational clothing on me and we started to the school. As we entered, I saw Gyöngyvér and Marcsi among others, who initially were a great help for me and Máté to shake together. As I looked further, I saw six other dogs, friends of mine, great! – I thought and greeted them wagging my tail. In secret, of course, as we dogs usually do it. So can we play? – I asked Owner. It turned out that unfortunately, no… A demonstration was held for the big pack, when you, curious people were told how we, guide dogs help you and how Owner lives his everyday life with me. The whole day was more or less about us and everyone seemed to perform the playful tasks with great interest and attention. Two other people also started to talk to Máté and there was also an interesting big black machine, behind which a man was standing watching the inside of the machine. What the holy bones! – I stood in amazement. Do you have some creatures in every plank, box and machine that you can talk to? They were asking questions like how we live and how I can help Máté. …My Owner answered them at length and explained what a useful helper and companion I am for him.I had a very good time among my friends and it was even better when we went to the bank of River Danube with two dog-friends of mine, Nina and Felhő. Running around and playing could start. We all had a great time. At times like this, time is passing quickly, we sadly said goodbye to each other, because they had to go on. Me and Owner went to Mommy Eri to the elf school. Mommy Eri had something to do, so we went back to run around. I really ran a lot. To sum up, it was amazing day and in my dreams I’ll probably continue playing with my friends.”