A Really Cool Team: Kristóf and His Guide Dog, Brendon

Kristóf’s eyesight had been deteriorating since childhood and by the age of 15 he became completely blind. Although he learnt to walk with a white cane, he was accompanied by his friends both in high school and at the university: they had classes together and spent most of their free time together, so Kristóf did not feel the need to use the cane.  However, the last year of the university approached and he knew he would need to be completely independent for adult life. He was talking a lot about this with two of his friends, Ádám and Anett. Ádám, who has a guide dog, told him that his four-legged friend gives him independence, and in addition to helping him a lot in moving around he is also a loyal friend. Kristóf then decided that he also would also like to have such a wonderful dog and filed his application to our foundation.

After waiting for 1 year and 3 months, he finally got to know Brendon, the young and well-trained guide dog. When first meeting each other they were both curious and excited. After that they continued to get to know each other in our center in Miskolc, where they started the training.

: In the picture Kristóf goes down the stairs and his guide dog, Brendon, a black Labrador is leading him.
Kristóf and Brendon

This is what Kristóf told about his experiences with us:

“Although I spent only a week in Miskolc, but during this time a lot of things hacve changed. We solved many tasks together with Brendon. When I had to find my way with him back to the car in a field I could experience the indescribable feeling for the first time how it feels to depend completely on a dog.

In the picture Brendon, ablack Labrador is leading Kristóf across a field.
Finding the way back

After that we climbed a lot of stairs and tried to use different vehicles, with Tamás, the president of Baráthegyi Foundation and Gyöngyvér, my rehabilitation teacher, of course. I received lots of advice, not only in relation to traveling but also about how to settle my life to be able to live with Brendon in harmony. I still have to learn to be responsible for an living being, but I think I’m on the right track. I have only recently met Brendon, but I already feel that I have found a true friend.”