A New Team, Alexa and Gamma

Alexa came to us from Szeged to start preparing for the traffic safety exam with her guide dog, Gamma. Alexa has been blind since birth. She went to the Elementary School for the Blind. Now she goes to high school in Szeged with sighted students. After finishing high school, she would like to study communication, because her big dream is to work in a radio one day.

Although Alexa has been using a white cane for years, but she does not know why she hasn’t liked it from the start. After a number of her visually impaired friends told her about their life with a guide dog, she decided to require a wonderful dog from our foundation. After several months of waiting, she met Gamma and began to prepare for their life together.

In the picture there is a young woman lying on the grass and hugging her guide dog, a yellow Labrador, who is lying beside her.
Alexa and Gamma

This is what Alexa said about her smart guide dog and the one-week residential training:

“Gamma is a very patient, calm and cute dog. At first I was a bit worried about how we would get along, but I already love her. We travelled together to Miskolc with Gyöngyvér Mikola, a co-worker of the foundation. The chairman of the foundation, dr. Tamás Mezősi was waiting for us. In recent days I’ve started preparing for the traffic safety exam with Gyöngyvér and Tamás. First I and Gamma had to find our way back to the car in a field, then from the car to the front door when we got back to the center of the school. Another task was to go down a street where dogs were barking behind the fence. Until the end of the week travelling by bus and tram could not be left out of the program either. We stood our ground with Gamma in each task. It feels incredibly good to travel with her.”

We would like to thank Gamma’s volunteer puppy raiser, Béla Tőrös for raising her with love and consistent work.