A gift collection worth a quarter million forints for guide dogs

Gifts worth a quarter million forints were collected for guide dogs on the 8th of November 2014 in  the department store of Fressnapf in Miskolc, organised by Első Miskolci Lions Klub ,  Lady Lions Club Miskolc and Fressnapf.

behind which in the backgrounds we can see our Fressnapf friends from Miskolc, and in the foreground a cute golden retriever. Lots of gifts are gathering in the basket.
Lots of gifts are gathering in the basket.

Lots of thanks to our volunteers, who came even from Budapest to help those who were interested to get to know the everyday life of blind people during our interactive sensitizer program. We are very happy about the lots of useful gifts that our guide dogs received from our previously compiled  wish list.

On the picture you can see dr. Solymosiné dr. Kiss Ilona és Koleszár Péter promoting the gift collection in front of our Borcsa banner.
Ilona dr. Solymosiné dr. Kiss and Péter Koleszár

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friend, Péter Koleszár, who has been our enthusiastic supporter for years. As the current president of the First Lions Klub in Miskolc, he not only took part in the organisation of the successful gift collection project, but also actively promoted the opportunity to give gift on the field. Thanks to his invitation, dr. Solymosiné dr. Kiss Ilona, the governor of the Alliance of the Hungarian Lion Klubs, also took part in the event. Like many others, she also tried out and experienced blindfolded, why guide dogs mean a bigger help for blind people, than any other lifeless aid to move around independently, by themselves.

We would like to thank all of our supporters, also in the name of our guide dogs, all those useful gifts, they are very happy about. We would like to thank once more the organisers to provide us with the opportunity to do something REALLY GOOD for guide dogs!

More pictures clicking on this link, on our facebook album: A gift collection for guide dogs in Fresnapf Miskolc