A Big Adventure for Our Youngest Pups

This is the first time that the pups of our own-bred litter “T” could participate in a puppy meeting. Tulipán, Titán, Torma and their brothers and sisters were delighted to see each other again and were fascinated to watch our older guide dog candidates.

Our June puppy meeting was held on the Tétényi plateau. Because of the summer heat, we tried to
hide in the shade and practice there. It was the first time our youngest dogs could participate in a
large event. Their mum Calgary also visited us, so it was a great pleasure.

Topaz, Tramini and their siblings started wrestling already in the parking lot, picking up just where
they left off when they left their “mum’s house” to be adopted by their foster families. They were
happy to play tag with the older dogs, not embarrassed for a moment. As they are still very young,
our trainers prepared playful exercises for them. For example, they had to perform the very special
task of crawling under the bellies of the older dogs. They really enjoyed it and everyone got a treat at
the end of course.

Tulipán and his siblings are growing up nicely, so they will slowly start practising the basics, like
coming when called or sitting on command. Of course, all this comes with treats and lots of praise, so
that they can all develop an even closer bond with their foster families and later with their owners.
However, life always produces interesting twists and turns. Our puppies were immediately thrown
into deep end when riders appeared on the plateau while they were practising. All the dogs needed
to heel immediately and stay by their trainers. Our puppies behaved very smartly, watching the
beautiful animals in awe. All our guide dog candidates waited in a neat and orderly line for the riders
to pass.

We are very happy that after many months we can finally organise puppy meetings again. We hope
we can hold more of these meetings during the summer, as these offer the best opportunities for our
pups to socialise.