1956 Commemoration also for the Visually Impaired

Now sighted and visually people could commemorate together at the 1956 walking tour called “Tapintható Múlt” (Tangible History).

Ateam of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School also participated in Tangible History walking tour on Wednesday, which was one of a series of  events organized by ImagineBudapest for visually impaired poeple.

In the picture people are standing in a circle. Everyone is listening to a lady in the middle holding a Hungarian flag with a hole. The guide dogs are lyinf around their visually impaired owners.]
An interesting presentation (picture: Judit Vannai)

For most people, the events of the 1956 Revolution live on in photographs and films footages, for visually impaired people mostly in written texts and audio records. Tangible History walking tour is an initiative which allows for joint remembrance.

“1956 is also for the visually impaired, this is our common history. Now it was possible to experience it together”, said László Berta, the communication associate of Baráthegy Guide Dog School.

In the picture a visually impaired woman is palpating an object.
What can it be? (Picture: Judit Vannai)

During the walk, visually impaired people could gain direct experience of the events of the 1956 Revolution, went to the courtyard of an apartment building, palpated holes in the walls made by machine gun bullets, touched the heavy paving blocks, tasted a special soup of the 50s and  made compression bandage in Rókus Hospital, which was used on many injured people during the revolution.

In the picture there is a Hungarian flag with a hole in the middle. Through the whole a yellow lab guide dog, Fidzsi can be seen while lying on the ground.
Fidzsi (Picture: Judit Vannai)

Organizing thematic walks, it is the mission of ImagineBudapest  to show the city to those who live their lives in a different way, because the city is for all, as they say.

Please indicate under the pictures: Baráthegyi Guide Dog School, Judit Vannai


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