101 guide dogs – part one

The success of our foundation is that in recent years, 101 of our dogs have been placed with puppy raisers, and many of them already help their visually impaired owners. We currently have quite a few young students. Please, welcome them with love. The article will be continued, as many are still waiting to be introduced.

This time, you can read about representatives of four generations, almost all of whom were born in our own breeding program. The portraits were taken at our puppy meeting in August.

The students, names starting with the letter V, were born on February 1, 2022, in our own breeding program. There were six beautiful puppies in the litter.

Vektor, the yellow Labrador male, is calm and likes to be at peace with his surroundings. According to his puppy raiser, Edina Fazekas, he is the sweetest dog in the world, he expresses his love by putting his paw on person’s hand or knee. He walks nicely on a loose leash.

Varázs is calm and easy to adapt. The yellow female dog is the first foster dog raised by dr. Alexandra Losonczi at our foundation. We wish you success in your volunteer work!

Vackor and his puppy raiser, Zsuzsa Kreszta, showed what “drinking patience” means. By drinking patience, we mean when the dog is thirsty and the owner gives him his bowl of water, the dog does not jump up and down, but drinks and rests to cool down in the heat. The yellow Labrador male is intense, clever, and smart. He often goes to the office with Zsuzsa. During walks, he walks next to her on a comfortable, loose leash.

Vega, the yellow female Labrador, is a calm, kind dog. She loves everyone. One of her good qualities is that she quickly calms down when she can’t do something. She spends 9 hours a day with her tutor in the office. Tímea Szeiff said that she simply leaves it at his desk, if she has a meeting, Vega knows that she will come back to him. Communicative dog, “Do you love?” she answers a question by raising her front leg. In the following photo, Vega is running towards us from the far left:

(We will also introduce Vidra to you soon.)

Our three puppies with the letter W were born on March 2, 2022, in Zirc.

In Wilson, the hunting instinct sometimes awakens, he is mostly in his element at the water’s edge. Susán Judit said that the boy is smart, sits, lies, can be called in and, last but not least, cleans the room.

Wattson is lively, studious. The black kettle has many breeders. There is a stream and a field behind their house, they like to take long walks, said Mónika Molnár.


(We will write about Whiskey later.)

The puppies with the letter U were born in our breeding program on November 15, 2021. There are eight of them, now half of the team is introducing itself.

According to his puppy raiser, Unikum is an inquisitive, lively dog, he likes to try everything and finds a solution to everything. When Márta Vucseta puts the learning harness on him, he immediately adapts to the task, in this case he does his work seriously, an angel accompanies
the steps of his tutor. He loves people very much, when they speak to him, he waves immediately when he gets permission to go there, then he does so with a wag of his tail. This is appreciated by both children and adults. He knows the names of many objects: key, brush, fish, worm, bucket, chick, E.T., rope, tree, slipper, bottle, hoop, ball – he is learning more and more. Opening the trash can is easy for him, and so is the pedal, although he has not put it in the pedal yet, but soon it will too. Márta is also preparing a special task with him and says that they still have a lot of practice and learning ahead of them.

Utopia dressed up in a jacket for the photo, that is, she put on her blind guide’s harness, in which she usually practices (you can see it in our opening picture). Smart, adaptable dog. He is calm, less gluttonous compared to his breed. Gizella Ménesi said that it’s nice to live with him, he likes to take him to the office, he doesn’t mind a lot of water, he always sleeps through the meetings. He wants to make friends with every dog that comes his way, this is his weakness, his puppy raiser revealed. Another passion of the little yellow girl is to spread the slippers at home, which her owners always forgive her for.

Uno is curious, lively, and everything is about him – that is, he does not get excited when he must run a task again. He knows everything, but he doesn’t do everything – says his puppy’s teacher, Csaba Papp, who is happy to see that sometimes he no longer takes their slippers. The black Labrador male is Csaba’s first foster, he needs a lot of exercise, he doesn’t get tired even after a 2-hour walk. His companion is an old Labrador who puts up with everything for the cheeky kid.

Unka, the yellow female Labrador, has been Tímea Forgács’ dog since May. Active, needs a lot of exercise. Tímea helped our foundation with volunteer work, which is how she got the urge to raise puppies. He revealed that Unka has all the birds, which he will have to take back by the time he is trained as a guide for the blind.

(Uzsgyi, UV, Ufó and Ulti will also be introduced soon.)

The puppies with letters Z, ZS were born on April 11, 2022, in our breeding program, five siblings.

Zenit is a cheerful, calm, and obedient dog. He is quite tall. He learns willingly and quickly and is patient when completing the exercises. It’s interesting that he doesn’t like to swim – of course we accept that there are such “different” clubs. It gets along well with dogs, it’s not fetching. He soon became a house cleaner, said the black male dog’s puppy raiser, Andrea Sápi.

Zseton is not afraid of anything and is interested in everything. He is mature and independent for his age. The male dog solves many tasks by himself and does not get scared in new situations. He misbehaves cutely and loves children very much, said Panni Csepreghy about his foster child.

(Zengő, Zorka, Zsálya are awaiting presentation.)