10 puppies within 10 hours!

Our mother dog gave birth to 10 puppies within 10 hours! The latest generation of guide dogs has arrived. Our colleagues spent two days with Iris, because although our mother dog showed the signs of approaching labor on Monday, February 18th, the first puppy was born only after 10:00 AM on Tuesday morning. All 10 puppies came into the world luckily by the evening.

The proud mother dog, Iris with her 10 newborns
The proud mother dog, Iris with her 10 newborns

Many people followed the events via our social media channel and more people asked about the mother dog. We would like to reassure our followers that everything is fine with Iris, she is a very good mother like she was after her first labor as well. After the breastfeeding on Tuesday evening, she pushed the puppies by her nose under the infrared lamp, and moreover,
she gently brought one of the puppies into that warm place. It was unusual even for our professional manager, Piroska Komondi, who has already seen lots of dog labors before, and she was there with Iris and monitored the delivery of the puppies for 28 hours.

„We were sleeping like hare in the bush” as Török Sándorné Kata said about the night before the labor. They kept their ears open on each noise, thinking that maybe the labour has started. Kata offered to our foundation still in January that Iris can live with her family and she can give birth to her puppies, the future guide dogs in their home. The story is not usual, because Kata is partially sighted and she is led in the city by our guide dog, Morris. We would like to thank Kata and her family for what they have already done and they are doing right now for Iris, because our mother dog will stay with them, of course, surrounded by love in their home in Miskolc.

The weight of the puppies is higher than the average weight for labrador puppies. The weight of puppies from this litter is between 44-54 dkg while the average birthweight is 40-50 dkg for labradors. Interesting, that we saw tiger stripes on the fur of two yellow puppies but according to our experience, these tiger stripes will disappear within a week.

These 10 puppies are the „inverse” of the puppies from the previous litter. Now 6 female and 4 male puppies were born, while it was vice versa previously, 4 female and 6 male puppies were born in the previous litter. There were 7 black and 3 yellow puppies in the previous litter while now we have 7 yellow and 3 black puppies.

We would like to thank everyone who helped and wished luck to us!